What We Do

We have a strong international supply chain with manufacturing capabilities and operations around the world, including China, Korea, India, Vietnam and the United States, providing flexible packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of your company. For large volume requests we can manufacture overseas to help you take advantage of cost savings. For smaller volumes we can manufacture at our Greenville, South Carolina facility with the added bonus of shorter lead times. A blended approach is also available, where a percentage is manufactured both internationally and domestically, providing you with both cost savings and the added insurance of knowing your product is also being made in the United States when you need it quickly.

Let us help you develop a strategic packaging plan!

More Capabilities

We are uniquely set up to sew woven polypropylene and polyethylene bags and sheets at our Greenville, South Carolina location. Small volume or specialty items are not a problem. We use coated polypropylene and polyethylene fabrics and 800 to 1000 denier polypropylene thread for all of our applications. We can help you develop a packaging solution to meet your exact specifications.